Eco-Friendly Retreat

Black Rock Lodge will be our home for the week! This eco-lodge nestled in the dense rainforest above the Macal River is in the Mayan Mountains of Belize. It is just south of San Ignacio about a 2 hour drive from Belize City, the airport we will fly into.

Black Rock Lodge's stunning rainforest surroundings offer several exciting excursions in the Belize jungle, including: birding, horse back riding, Mayan ruins, cave adventures, zip-lining, canoeing or tubing the Macal river and much more! Black Rock is committed to environmental stewardship and is a sustainable lodge and retreat center.

We will stay in beautifully situated riverfront cabins that offer views of the Black Rock Canyon, the Macal River and the surrounding rainforest and wildlife. Each cabin has a porch and hammock to relax and take in the scenery.
The cabins are airy one-room structures with fully screened windows and high pitched roof lines.
All cabins have en-suite bathrooms and closet areas.

Black Rock serves a selection of fruits and vegetables grown organically on site–along with locally purchased produce from the Farmer's Market located in San Ignacio. All breads are homemade daily by their talented kitchen staff. And they purchase their meats and fish from local vendors. All juices are squeezed fresh from fruits which are in-season.

Breakfast and lunch are served a la carte from the Black Rock restaurant menu featuring local highlights and continental-inspired dishes.

Dinner is served family-style with a "Chef’s Choice" entrée selection featuring either a vegetarian entrée or meat entrée option (guests are requested to choose their selection by noon for that night’s dinner). Accompanying the Chef’s Choice entrée are homemade bread, fresh homemade soup, vegetable sides, organic garden salad, homemade dessert and freshly squeezed juice, water, coffee or tea.

In this retreat we will explore Yoga and Ayurveda as tools for living your life in balance, physically, physiologically, mentally and emotionally. Ayurveda, the science of longevity, defines dis-ease as being out of balance on any of these levels. Being deep in the rain forest at Black Rock Lodge in Belize provides a Retreat from the noise, distraction, busyness, and fast pace of our “civilized” lives. But more than that, it provides the experience of living close to nature and learning balance by listening to nature: the birds, the plants, the river, the trees, and the people who live their lives there.

This will be an opportunity to learn more about your own constitution and the elements that predominate in your system. What causes you to go out of balance, and how can you use food, activities, exercise, sleep, color and the rhythm of your daily life to regain and maintain your balance?

Black Rock Lodge is in an area that was home to the healer Don Elijio Panti. People came to him to be cured of physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual disease. Using the plants that were all around in the rain forest, wise and knowledgeable in their properties, he gained a reputation as a healer and shaman. An American woman, Rosita Arvigo, studied with him for many years, apprenticing with him as he passed his knowledge on to her. Don Elijio died at age 103, but Rosita continues to live and work there, travelling world- wide to share her knowledge, and collaborating with modern medical researchers.

Rosita’s assistant, Salomi Oliver, will spend an afternoon with us, sharing stories and opening our eyes to the precious gifts around us, emphasizing the urgent need to protect and preserve the forest and its plants. We will have a guided tour in the forest to identify some of these plants. We cannot live in balance internally and be out of balance with our surroundings. Being in balance with nature means being aware of our connections, and taking care not to destroy that which sustains, nurtures and heals us.

In preparation, upon registration for the trip you will receive the book Sastun, written by Rosita Arvigo, describing her time with Don Elijio Panti.

Help reconstruct lives with a smile on a child’s face.

In the spirit of open-heartedness that is key to this retreat, you will be asked to make a donation in support of
Smile Network International in the life-changing work they do. For as little as $500 a life can be changed.

Every year, thousands of children born throughout the world with facial deformities, such as cleft lips and palates, suffer the humiliation and embarrassment of their disfigurement. These children often have difficulty eating, drinking and speaking. As a result, many are malnourished, underdeveloped and lack energy strength and confidence. The work of Smile Network and its volunteers of medical staff and people like you make it possible for children to heal and flourish, both physically and emotionally. Learn more online at Smile Network International.


We have 9 rooms available.  They can be configured as single, double or triple rooms.  Please call Lori to confirm your room choice.  Choices will be given based on first to register and place their deposit.  All rooms are very comfortable, but some are larger and will be reserved for triples.
Single: $1,905.00*
Double: $1,550.00*
Triple: $1,385.00*

*Airfare & Excursions not included.

A $500.00 deposit is due by July 10th, 2017.
A second payment of $500.00 is due September 10, 2017.
Final Payment is due December 1, 2017.

Group size is limited to 18 participants.


7 nights lodging
5 days of yoga, 2 sessions per day
Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner
All ground transportation to and from Black Rock Lodge
The retreat will be lead by Maggie Kessell of Riverbend Yoga.

*Airfare to Belize City is NOT included. Plan on approx.$700 - $1,000 airfare

Airfare will be arranged by MOAM to insure we all arrive on the same flight for transportation to
Black Rock Lodge. Flights to Belize are limited.

About Maggie Kessell

Maggie began practicing yoga in the 1960s, finding it to be a constant grounding to her sense of self through many life changes. In the 90s she studied with Faye Berton in St. Paul, and then with Gary Kraftsow in Maui, completing his 500 hour teacher training and studying yoga therapy with him. Maggie studies Vedic Chant with Sonia Nelson, in Santa Fe, bringing her love of music into her yoga practice. Founding Riverbend Yoga in 1999, Maggie has taught all levels of asana classes, and workshops in many aspects of yoga: pranayama, philosophy, and study of the Yoga Sutras. In winter retreats, she weaves together the threads of yoga with the natural world and all it's beauty!

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